Peter Sealy-Fisher Imagery

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About Peter Sealy-Fisher

After studying psychology in Pietermaritzburg, and working in the corporate job environment for some years, Peter's curiosity for humanity led him to focus full time on creative expression through imagery.

Much of Peter’s work draws on these life experiences to explore the human condition. Drives for social acceptance are contrasted with the beauty of gentleness and honesty. Evident in his images is the beauty of people in their purest, natural form, often expressed through the female figure. This is frequently contrasted with the harsh environment in which we find ourselves, outside our comfort zones, and having to deal with compromises between our ideals and the practical harshness of life.

One of the issues explored is the tension between needing to be open and to know others intimately, and simultaneously needing to protect ourselves from abuse and rejection. That is, the balance or trade off between baring our souls and masking ourselves.

Peter’s images are frequently monochromatic, presenting the viewer with a range of tones and textures to emphasise the mood and flow of the work.
Peter’s background in film processing and darkroom printing techniques underpins much of his work in modifying and compositing images from a range of materials.

The final art work is produced on either canvas or archival cotton fibre papers. Each image is signed and numbered. Exhibited images are limited to 10 printings of each work. Each print can be slightly different in features such as size, hue, material, and contrast, or identical to the displayed image if so requested.